With unique and custom-built designs, our bars will engage your guests and help take your event to the next level.

Candles and candle treatments

Illuminate your event with a touch of class by implementing candles of all shapes, styles, and colors.

Ceiling and overhead treatments

Add an extra layer of texture and dimension with the use of ceiling and overhead treatments that help to accent the theme or style of your event. Look up.

Centerpieces and floral

No matter the size, theme, or location of your event, unique centerpieces and floral arrangements truly bring everything together. We design and create right in house.

Dance floors

Adding a groovy dance floor to your party or event helps to liven things up and allow your guests to let loose!

Drape and fabric treatments

Completely transform the venue of your event by implementing drape and fabric treatments.

Fire and heat

Provide your guests with warmth and comfort with industrial heaters, fire pits, torches and other things we light on fire.


Bring an incredibly unique “wow” factor to your next event with this captivating visual effect. Walk thru the magic.

Food truck facades

Our totally customizable Food Truck Facades create the illusion of real food trucks without the hassle of getting them into a ballroom!

Lecterns and podiums

The use of lecterns & podiums help to add to the class or theme of your presentation -- no matter what size.


From picnic tables to space-age glow tables, we have exactly what your event needs to keep your guests comfortable and amazed all at the same time. Why get a table linen when you can get the whole table.