Cheers to Custom Letter Bars

Make a bold impression with a stylish letter bar. Spell out your company name, specialty drink, event hashtag, or logo on an eye-catching letter bar. Whether you’re looking for a stock bar to rent for an event, or a more personalized piece, Encore Creative will connect you with the perfect bar. We’ll create your custom piece. A customized letter bar makes a perfect spot for refreshments or a registration desk at your next event. Or, make a memorable impression by installing one in an office or lobby. Or, rent one of our ready-made bars. BAR and DRINK are ready to...

On May 23, 2016


Hit a Home Run with a Sports Themed Event

Did you know: more than half of Americans say they’re sports fans. Treat fans and non-fans alike with unexpected elements that add the fun and excitement of their favorite sports. Custom Builds Custom built pieces transform a meeting space into something extraordinary. From field to court to ring we can transform your stage or space to reflect any sport. Theme It Out Tailgate with a pick-up truck, lawn chairs and game and full vignette in the room. Bring in our sports bars and pub tables. Chalk out your own play on our centerpiece containers and table tops. Add a turf...

On October 21, 2015


Take Us on the Road

Holding events outside of your home base can be challenging for even the most experienced planners. Using new vendors in unfamiliar locations can land you in cookie-cutter-vile. That’s why our clients often take us on the road with them. We can help you produce amazing events anywhere. We take on designing the space and all of the on-site logistics of executing out-of-the-box events. You can focus on all the other things that come up onsite, while we bring your special event vision to life. Maui, HI: We created a custom oversized comic book inspired room wrap, bold and primary color pops,...

On September 3, 2015


Did you see the World Games color scheme?

The Special Olympics World Games recently wrapped up in Los Angeles. The inspiring stories of the talented athletes and record breaking crowds left a big impression. So did the joyful, modern kaleidoscope theme. The kaleidoscope trend is one we know well. Check out some of the ways we’ve incorporated the theme’s bold color and geometry – from lighting and our rental inventory pieces to custom design and builds – to energize events and leave guests in awe. Bright and Bold Colors Geometric Patterns Unique Lighting Let Encore Creative help you host a colorful event.

On August 13, 2015


Meet Our Creative Director, Andy Glanz

Encore’s Creative Director, Andy Glanz, is the visionary behind the artistry, craftsmanship, and imagination at the core of our events.  Formally trained in Ornamental Horticulture and Industrial Design, Andy’s role at Encore culminates a sweeping career spent crafting custom furniture, creating products, and designing floral and plant arrangements. We asked Andy to share a glimpse into his world as Creative Director. Here are his thoughts.   What do you do as Creative Director? I guide the creative direction behind our events. I design every detail of an experience, from the room layout, to the entry, the stage, the walls, the...

On July 10, 2015


Event Inspirations: Incorporating the Color of the Year

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala, is an elegant, earthy wine red that can be applied to any type of event. It’s perfectly suited to coordinate with fall’s jewel tones, and beautiful as an accent to softer spring neutrals. “This season displays an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy, and all things natural.” - Pantone Using unusual colors is an excellent way to keep event decor fresh and modern. Here are some creative ways to use Marsala to give your event...

On May 15, 2015


Around the World in a Night

The best theme parties take guests to another time and place. Get inspired by this corporate bash that evoked the golden age of travel, giving guests a glamourous “Around the World” experience. Guests experienced exotic cocktails, international cuisine and sophisticated, custom decor inspired by the opulent style of the late ‘50s and ‘60s. The Golden Era of Travel Greeters dressed as Pan Am style stewardesses and pilots  welcomed guests to the retro-inspired event, held in a 30,000 square foot airplane hangar. Partygoers were catered to the moment they stepped foot on the red carpet. A Global Experience Each corner of...

On May 15, 2015


Immerse Your Guests for a Memorable Experience

“Immersive” events engage all of the senses, engaging guests with thematic entertainment, visuals, sound and refreshments. Some of the most talked about events of the last few months were fully immersive experiences, such as Chanel’s French bistro at Paris Fashion Week and a recent fundraising gala for the California Science Center that recreated Ancient Jerusalem. These immersive events took months of planning and large budgets, but you can add immersive experiences to an event of any size. Immersive elements will keep guests talking long after the lights go out. Add Personality Interactive characters give guests an engaging experience they’re not likely...

On May 15, 2015


Recreate the 2015 Oscars at Your Next Event

The 2015 Oscars blended old-school glitz with futuristic elements that evoked Hollywood's storied past. The sophisticated decor at the awards ceremony and the after parties will set the trend for events in the coming year. Whether you're planning a corporate luncheon or large-scale gala, there are simple ways to bring the sophistication of the awards season to your event. Here are a few trends we saw at the show that are sure to inspire: Steampunk Moving gears, Victorian accents, and Edison-style bulbs. Integrating even small Steampunk elements gives your event an edge. Mixed metals Silver and gold lit up the...

On March 17, 2015


A Life-Long Mystery Solved: Decoding Music Industry Fees

by Jeff Lowy, President, Encore Creative Like so many millions of other “wannabes,” I started writing music when I was six or seven years old.  None of it was any good, but I was lucky and determined enough to get a recording contract when I was 19 and sold a couple of songs that were recorded on a major label, published, and distributed.  Dutifully, I joined BMI, in the hopes of having a hit on my hands and bazillions of dollars streaming into my bank account for years to come. Naturally, that never happened (it happens to one in more...

On April 25, 2014


The Two Most Dangerous Phrases in the English Language

“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” OR “We’ve Always Done it This Way” by Jeff Lowy, President Believe it or not, these are two of the most dangerous phrases anyone (especially a GM or Manager) in any organization can ever use. We all know the myriad of reasons why these phrases should never be used, how maddening they can be, and yet, we hear them all the time. The only one that’s better is “Its company policy.” Just what a customer wants to hear when they’re already angry over something that would likely take a second to fix. Now,...

On April 1, 2014


In Loving Memory: Kevin Crowder

Last week we lost a member of the Encore Creative Family. Kevin Crowder was our Print Shop Manager & Fabricator, and was a loyal team member for over seven years. He will be remembered for his incredibly funny spirit and kind heart. Thank you Kevin for all that you did to make our company a success. We'll miss you Kevo, rest easy brother.

On March 25, 2014


The most important question to ask any event planner. Ever.

By Jeff Lowy, President I recently read an article in BizBash about the 16 things to ask your event designer, and in typical BizBash fashion, their suggestions were spot-on and possibly a more intense than things I might think to ask an event design team. There are two major “types” of clients: social and corporate. Surprisingly, many of them have the same needs and would likely need to ask the same types of questions: budget questions, service questions, and an array of questions to determine what each party should expect of the other. This list has continued to grow over...

On March 13, 2014


The Oscars: Expectations Vs. Reality

By Jeff Lowy, President Encore Creative I really can’t say with any degree of confidence (or humility) that I’m qualified to “judge” the quality of a nationally televised, enormous, bazillion dollar budget, watched by billions of people, awards ceremony, but since everyone has an opinion (and some of mine are pretty strong) I’ll weigh in on the Oscars as probably millions of bloggers across the universe have already done. Actually, I’m going to weigh in on the Oscars (and every other live television “event”) with the unique perspective of the meeting planner; mostly as it relates to our mutual expectations....

On March 5, 2014


Easy or Better? The Evolution Of Event Planning

By Jeff Lowy, President Encore Creative We live in a new world (as it pertains to events of all types) at least when you’re looking at it from my perspective: that of an “in-denial,” yet hopelessly middle-aged businessperson whose company was founded before the advent of fax machines and desktop computers, let alone social media, tablets, and terms like “engagement,” or “experiential marketing.”  Seriously, I started my company with a pegboard accounting system (you youngsters will have to Google that one), two IBM Selectric typewriters, and a couple of phones with red “hold” buttons.  Thank God I’m not old enough...

On February 25, 2014


What’s the Cost of Creativity?

By Jeff Lowy, President Encore Creative According to LinkedIn, two of the most overused words in resumes and in company names in the corporate world are “creativity” and innovative.  Synergy and passion are close seconds.  Yet, as I plead guilty to my company overusing both of these words, and actually include them in our name, along with hundreds of likely competitors, I wonder how much value, if any is placed on the creative process by meeting and event planners? As we all continue to strive for that next event, whether it be an “experiential” (another choice buzzword) branding event, synergistic...

On February 18, 2014


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