Immerse Your Guests for a Memorable Experience

“Immersive” events engage all of the senses, engaging guests with thematic entertainment, visuals, sound and refreshments.

Some of the most talked about events of the last few months were fully immersive experiences, such as Chanel’s French bistro at Paris Fashion Week and a recent fundraising gala for the California Science Center that recreated Ancient Jerusalem.

These immersive events took months of planning and large budgets, but you can add immersive experiences to an event of any size. Immersive elements will keep guests talking long after the lights go out.


Add Personality

Interactive characters give guests an engaging experience they’re not likely to forget. Think walking, talking cowboys for a western theme, faux paparazzi for a VIP party, or an in-character host.

Make it Interactive
Props and custom builds give guests a chance to get hands-on. Encore Creative has a collection of already-built props in a range of themes that you can rent. Or, we can work with you to create a custom build of any kind of prop or setting you can imagine.


We want to help you create a truly immersive experience. Click here to see samples of our custom-designed events.

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On May 15, 2015