Inspired Events: Drawing on Location Culture in Vancouver

During a recent event in Vancouver, British Columbia, our team looked to the local culture to inspire entertainment an decor for this corporate celebration.

Dramatic lighting cycled through rich magenta, green and purple to create an ever-changing environment for the guests.

As a homage to the city’s Asian culture, we produced custom video content of swimming koi fish and falling cherry blossoms and projected it onto a 50′ screen as a multimedia backdrop for our local cultural performances.


Ornamental centerpieces and custom-printed runners graced the rounds, while two 32′ long tables holding bamboo structures with hanging lanterns were featured–all of which complimented a custom-fabricated shoji screen stage set.



Fun fact: All decor and stage sets were custom-built on site. Following the event, the shoji screen stage set was donated to the Vancouver Ballet, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting and revitalizing dance.

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On August 5, 2015