Meet Our Creative Director, Andy Glanz

Encore’s Creative Director, Andy Glanz, is the visionary behind the artistry, craftsmanship, and imagination at the core of our events.

AndyGlanz Formally trained in Ornamental Horticulture and Industrial Design, Andy’s role at Encore culminates a sweeping career spent crafting custom furniture, creating products, and designing floral and plant arrangements.

We asked Andy to share a glimpse into his world as Creative Director. Here are his thoughts.


What do you do as Creative Director?

I guide the creative direction behind our events. I design every detail of an experience, from the room layout, to the entry, the stage, the walls, the ceiling and the tables. Our goal for every event is to create a fully immersive environment that is unique, and transports our guests to another place or time.

Our clients bring specific objectives for their meetings and events. My job is to turn each client’s goals into a visual and experiential reality. We incorporate custom design and fabrication into many of our events–which can create a truly unique experience.


What’s your process like?

As a team, our first step is always to immerse ourselves in a client’s goals, audience, and expectations. When clients hire us to create an event, they are not only trusting us to bring their vision to life, but also (and often most importantly) to ensure that their event impresses clients, raises money for charity, or converts attendees into customers.

After I understand the goals, I move into a research and discovery phase. First, I dig into an event’s history, successes and challenges to better understand the nuances of the project. Then (the fun part), I look for inspiration and brainstorm the art direction, theme ideas, experiential details. Then I sketch, design renderings of the space, and ultimately, fine tune the details that come together to form the creative direction.

From there, events are executed by our expert team of builders, craftspeople, logistics producers, multimedia specialists, and audio/visual composers — the people who make magic happen.

Where do you get inspiration?

When design is your full time job, you really find inspiration everywhere. I’m constantly noticing details whether in major cultural events or everyday activities. I read a lot, I look at design and travel magazines, and I study art, culture and design trends.

I can be inspired by something as simple as a shape or a light reflection. I studied industrial design and consider myself an artist. An event artist who paints spaces and experiences with details, colors, scents, sounds and objects.


What makes a perfect event?

This really comes down to delivering an experience that just feels impeccable. That feeling of a perfect event is all in getting the details right. I’ve designed everything from major corporate conferences to parties for national sports events and intimate dinners. Thoughtful attention to detail is what will set an event apart every time, regardless of the size or audience. Achieving “perfection” means something different every time and of course depends on each client’s goals and expectations, but the real gauge for me is always how the guests felt.

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On July 10, 2015