Take Us on the Road

Holding events outside of your home base can be challenging for even the most experienced planners. Using new vendors in unfamiliar locations can land you in cookie-cutter-vile. That’s why our clients often take us on the road with them.

We can help you produce amazing events anywhere. We take on designing the space and all of the on-site logistics of executing out-of-the-box events. You can focus on all the other things that come up onsite, while we bring your special event vision to life.

Maui, HI: We created a custom oversized comic book inspired room wrap, bold and primary color pops, living décor and provided interactive performers and a celebrity DJ.


Redondo Beach, CA: We said “sayonara” to the sun and put up a 35’ FogScreen – the largest install that we know of.


 Altoona, IA & Vancouver, Canada: We booked and produced national acts in Des Moines, Charleston, Orlando and Palms Springs from Jay Leno to Jim Belushi & the Board of Comedy.



We did custom expos in Orlando and Chicago and galas in Vancouver and Miami. We produced events in Los Angeles, Boca Raton, Napa and on a Silver Seas Cruise through the Caribbean. Our passports have been stamped in Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada and Aruba.



No matter what type of event you’re planning, we can help you make it happen seamlessly, anywhere you need us.

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On September 3, 2015